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Ma'at Su Mi





S'un Ra Ma




Thank you to everyone who has come to meet the skulls & l at Mind Body & Spirit. We are humbled with your response and honored to meet your wonderful energies.

l always say - the right people will be drawn to meet the skulls when it is right for them. And 'wow' have we seen that these past few months.

We are blessed to have met so many wonderful people.

l love this work and the connections we make !

Post Brisbane MBS, we are off to Portugal for new contact meetings.

After August 2013, l will be holding workshops back in Australia. lf you would like a workshop held in your area - please contact me or call 0400 352 154 [ after August please! ] and we can work out costings and dates etc...

Please check back regularly for workshops to be held here at the Drouin Healing center. Dates to be posted soon - also please email for expressions of interest .

l have had a number of phone calls about tours to Peru which we spoke about in the sessions at MBS. When l get back l will be planning the next trip !

So.......PLEASE, send me your email so l can compile a mailing list and let everyone know of upcoming dates and events...

Thank you all so very much !!!

PERU TRIP - dates TBA ..

Come walk with me along Ancient trials - explore the temples and integrate the energies of these ancient lands and their mysteries.

OMG every human being should meet Machu Picchu and the Ancients.

The places we will be a part of, and the connections with Pachamama and people - it's what life is all about !


NEWS ... media events..

Come and see us at ...


Mind Body & Spirit



Friday 28th June 4.45 pm

Saturday 29th 1.00 pm


Friday 7th june 1 pm

Monday 10th 11.45 am


Thursday 16th May 3.30 pm

Friday 17th 4.45 pm



February 2013

February 21st Thurs. 7-8 pm USA EST -

Andy Hearn aka Indy Andy:

Intuitive, Healer & Teacher.

Guardian of Ancient Andean Crystal Skulls


Guest on the Bob Charles American radio

show, quote Bob ...

" Andy will be My Very Special Guest on The Bob Charles Show which can be heard on on Thursday February 21st at 7 PM EST USA FROM DOWN UNDER in Australia PASS THIS TO EVERYONE !!!!

Blog: The Bob Charles Show
Post: The Bob Charles Show Presents - February 21st Thurs. 7-8 pm EST - Andy Hearn aka Indy Andy: Intuitive, Healer & Teacher
Link: Bob Charles Show.blogspot

So Thursday 21st 7-8 pm USA which is

Friday 22nd Feb 11-12 noon Australian time !


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Guest speaking at Mind Body & Spirit

Festival Melbourne ....


Come and see us - make sure you say Hello!!


Saturday 24th November and Sunday 25th

November 2012.

See Sat and Sunday schedules.

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Make sure you book this date:

12:12pm 12/12/12 World Meditation.

Walk with the Andean Ancients to the incredible Ada Tree - portal and guardian in this wondrous rainforest.

Sit in circle and meditate globally


visit to register.


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the skulls are now !

France was a great success - people were overwhelmed & intrigued by the energies of Tika ho and Gaia O'Fres ! l have had much feedback both at the conference and since my return from participants and other guest speakers.

One thing l heard was that these Ancients should not be removed from the ground. Well, some of them have been working with local tribes for generations now, used in ceremonies for untold years. Others resurfaced because of their own intent. l can only hold the innate truth and belief, that when l am given visions of these skulls and then they come to me - that it is of their intent and making, and that it should be so. lt is my role to honor them.

l know the information they give me is of the purest truth and that they are truly old beings. So many instances their information is validated, almost on a daily basis.

l am currently liaising with a brilliant scientist and researching his work. lt has validated so much of what l am told. From the date of origin through to the reason for surfacing - what the skull tells me is their role. lt's inherent abilities and what it does here & now. Each skull having individual carvings or petroglyphs . Their fingerprints if you like, of whom they are.

People ask what does a skull say ? Any skull let alone and Ancient one. Well each skull may tell you something different from person to person - it will depend on your harmonics and how you resound with that particular skull. For that reason alone, we are all likely to receive different information.

For example, in Phoenix l sat in circle with Jeanne & Jaap Van Etten [ twice actually] but on this occasion a gentleman was holding Koo Ta Wi - after mediation everyone spoke about what they saw. This man sat and looked bedazzled - he said " All l saw was a donkey '.

l laughed out aloud, not by any means at him; but at how beautiful these skulls are. l breed Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys and the paddock that the skulls can look into, often has donkeys quietly grazing away.

So we all see different things and likely will receive different information.

l feel if you are attracted to a certain skull, then go meet it or buy it if it is for sale. You are meant to work with it.

The Andean Ancients are now spreading out around the world. lt is their time and role to do so...... check out the for sale /sold page and see where they are near to you !

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Sedona 2010 - with Jeanne & Japp Van Etten.


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France 2011

DaEl Walker custodian of Rainbow pictured here holding

Andean Ancients - Gaia O'fres and Tiko Ho.


The girls in France !

Left to right: Marie-Dominique, Kathleen Murray, me- Andy Hearn, Patty Ramshaw & Maryvonne Blanchet


Happy visitors meeting Gaia O'fres and Tiko Ho !




And my gorgeous translator Maryvonne



Come and meet the Lapis Lazuli Andean Ancient


- he leads the way & lights the path

plus ...>>>>>>>>>> other Ancient Skulls in

more events coming!

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June 10, 11 & 12 ... 2011

for more details visit



Translators will be on hand so everyone gets the full

benefit of this incredible meeting of the skulls.


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New skulls arrived see ...

Andean Ancient Crystal Skulls For Sale


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Find out the skulls role in 2012 !

Stunning powerful Lapis Lazuli skulls.


Gaia o'fres

THE WISDOM KEEPER - leads the way & lights the path



Tika Ho

A 'jungle' energy. The embossing incites the Kundalini, DNA matrix and Infinity.


More conferences in negotiation...



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10/10/10 Conferences

Tempe Arizona

The Mayan Prophecies

Oct 9-10-11 2010 3 great days of events ...

Link : World Mysteries Conference 10/10/10


Andy Hearn and Miguel Angel Vergara [ Maya Priest & Master Teacher ]

holding Koo Ta Wi - Ancient Andean Quartz Crystal Skull, in Sedona Oct 2010

Martika_and_Andy_Hearn_middle_with Wachan_Peruvian_Shaman_holding_Ancient_Andean_Crystal_Skulls_Sedona_Oct_2010

Martika [left] Andy [middle] and Wachan [ Peruvian Shaman ]

holding Ancient Andean Skulls - Sedona Oct 2010.

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Ancient Crystal Skulls now residing in Drouin, Victoria - Australia

After many many years of seclusion, the Andean Ancients have decided it is time to resurface.

l was told months before l set out to Peru in October 2009, that l was going to meet an Ancient - he was calling me. l was told his name and color.

Places dates and times are of no consequence to this introduction. Suffice to say. l met my Ancient and he met me, most assuredly long before l left for Peru and long before my visions of the actual event. He is an orangey color, l was told before l even got him home - he is very ancient.

They are Andean Ancients.

Ohh did l say 'they' ?

Yes they - The Ancient Andean Crystal Skulls.

That l had not seen, two of them. Both quartz crystal and both of incredible Ancient energies - Joining planes, doorways or portals; messengers, conduits and yet still originators and disseminators of information.

Both are intertwined with me, each other, the universe and all that is. Not on one level but on what l believe to be, all three levels.

In Andean philosophy, there is the underworld represented by the Snake , the middle world - the Puma and the upper world seeing the big picture - the Condor. As is represented by the three rows of teeth in 'Ma'at Su Mi ' - the first skull.

The Incan's believe there is not one purpose or definition for any one thing. Everything is related, has multi purposes and is moving.

Long before l left for Peru or knew of the Incan three level philosophy, l too believe that as much as there is duality in everything, there is always a third aspect, a 'balance' if you like.

We are all energy changing into form, in form and changing out of form. We are all one and yet we are different and yet the same.

There are always three aspects to any matter. Black , white AND grey. Past, present AND future. Old, young and middle aged. Hot, cold, warm ?

Yes, no, maybe ?
Every equation you can think of, there really are a minimum of three possible answers with many many variants of that answer. ALWAYS three aspects of dimensional awareness.

lf there was one great thing l learnt as a scientist doing my BSc degree, it is that any scientific law/fact, be it even space and time; are only facts at our current level of knowledge - a 'fact' will change with greater awareness, knowledge and connection.

lt is The Time for 'The Ancients' to make themselves known.

Not just S'un Ra Ma and Ma'at Su Mi - others too will or have, surfaced over the past year and there are more to follow. lt is their time.

These ancient crystal skulls are of the Ancient Andean ways, they are Lemurian/Mu and Star Being. They are Past, Present and Future.

Well that was in October - then in March 2010 l was correct -Three more Andean Ancients surfaced and again called me half way around the world to connect with them !

They have shown me there are more....